What if Don Bradman Played in the Modern Cricket Era

Sir Donald Bradman is a legend of the game. Today I will be having a look at how The Don would play in modern cricket times. How would he fair in different conditions?

How will he adapt to the new style of play?

The teams will be 1930 Australian Ashes Team vs 2009 England Ashes team

Playing at Lord’s Cricket Ground. I will talk about each over mainly and we will look into how Don Bradman plays today. The squads are:


Australian 1930 XI

Don Bradman
AG Fairfax
Bill Ponsford
Stan McCabe
A Jackson
Bill Woodfull
Alan Kippax
Jarrod Kimber
Vic Richardson
Bert Oldfield
EL a’Beckett

England 2009 XI

Jonathan Trott
Kevin Pietersen
Matt Prior
Alastair Cook
Andrew Strauss
Paul Collingwood
Michael Vaughan
Ian Bell
Graeme Swann
Freddie Flintoff
Stuart Broad

The conditions are neutral. Australia win the toss and elect to bat. Don Bradman and Bill Ponsford will open for Australia. Stuard Broad opens the bowling. 2 balls into the over and BANG! Goes Ponsford hitting a six off his very first ball.
Ponsford just opens the shoulders and carts that high over mid-on, he does this now and then, out of the blue. Ponsford hits another cracking shot for six and a boundary as well to cap off another great over from the Australians. Not a good start from Paul Collingwood. Another incredibly expensive over, 9 from it. The Don not facing too many at moment, but it doesn’t matter the way Ponsford playing it. Next over Stuart Broad finds his rhythm, getting a maiden. I will simulate a bit more now and give you some more information after a few more overs. At the 7th over there is a loud LBW appeal on Ponsford but is turned down, as it is going down leg. After 10 overs, a fifty run partnership has been made. Very expensive 9th over, a couple boundaries, but otherwise it has been closely contested. A couple maidens now from Broad, finding his rhythm. The Don is 12 off 28, whilst Ponsford is going big, 38 off 32. At the end of the 15th over there was a shout for LBW, but again turned down. Replay shows it on stump, maybe a missed call. Still 62/0, but there is some better bowling now, Ponsford getting a bit shakey, but has made his fifty. Well-deserved. Ian Bell now comes to bowl and has a fantastic maiden. Then Ponsford is on FIRE! 27 runs off the last 2 overs, the bowlers have no idea what to do. Even after some fantastic bowling, both batsman are still unbeaten at the teams century. Beautiful partnership. But straight after a monster six, Ponsford gets a bit cocky and is bowled out for 75. Some beautiful swing from Broad gets the job done. Ponsford made 75 off 66 including 9 fours and 5 sixes. Great stuff. Bradman playing it well, he is 34 off 55. That was a must need wicket for England and Broad. AG Fairfax comes into bat. At the end of the over Fairfax is 0 from 4. Graeme Swann the spinner now comes into bowl, 23 overs in. Michael Vaughan will have a spin spell with Swann. Don Bradman sweeps over mid-wicket for 6 to get his half-century. Well-played Sir Don. 51 off 73. Some low intensity from Australia after a while of play. The Don surpasses Ponsford total. A beautiful partnership occurring again, 83 runs. 40 overs gone, Australia 192/1. Bradman makes his century, raising the bat up high. So far, nothing much has differed, the bowling or different style from the modern era. Also 100 run partnership too. Australia in the box seat right now. England bring back Broad for a pace/spin spell. Only about 4 runs off the next 5 overs. Pace/spin mix working well. They just need a wicket. Bopara is into the attack, replacing Broad. 3 byes at the 55th over. At 60 overs we reach tea break. Incredible batting from the Australians. Sir Donald Bradman on 120 off 183 & AG Fairfax 40 off 109. Gradually tallying up some good runs.

A spin bowler spell begins. At 64 overs we have 150 run partnership. After some average bit of play, BREAKTHROUGH! Donald Bradman makes 151 runs and is caught and bowled. What a sharp piece of work from Swann, Bradman tried to flick it through leg and Swann gets the hands down low to taking a ripper between his legs. After an incredible innings he has gone out, but not cheaply. Well played and that brings us to the end of our first innings simulation as this video is based around Donald. I will reveal the results at the end after we go through what happened.

Australia declare at 547 and brilliant bowling takes down England for 322. Australia go for outright. England now need 225 runs. Their total after 2 innings is 621.

Australia must bat again so we come to Don Bradman’s innings once more. Soon Ponsford is gone. What a superb ball, that has cleaned up Ponsford’s off stump, it’s full and straightening enough to beat Ponsford, who was trying to whip it through leg. Lots of maidens and one run overs before the Don goes massive for six. And then it is game over. Bradman makes an unbeaten 38 off 38 and AG Fairfax makes 16 not out. Really well played from the Australians and of course, Don Bradman. Sir Donald Bradman makes 151 runs off 215 balls, and 38 off 38 hitting 17 fours and 10 sixes incredibly. He was in two 100 run partnerships. But what differed from his time to current? To be honest, not a lot. He didn’t exceed our expectations, nor did he fail to meet them. Around 150 runs to us, is just what we’d expect. Some things that I thought would make a major influence was if he could adapt to how the weather is now, or how the pitches are. I also wondered if he could adapt to the new style of play; quicker bowling, new field placements etc. And as I said, not much changed. He still played as he’d always play and some great bowling got him out. So yeah, I guess he adapted to it, but maybe he just played well and didn’t attempt to play any different.

And that shows us what would happen if Sir Donald Bradman played in Modern Test Cricket. I hoped you enjoyed this blog.


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