There is a big debate at the moment on whether sharks should be culled in Western Australia. I’m not totally on board with this but I do believe this will make humans feel safer around the water.

The program was introduced after seven shark attacks in three years. This may not seem like a lot, but it is, since shark attacks are actually quite rare. The aim of this cull was to reduce the numbers of sharks such as Tigers, Bulls, and Great Whites. The way these sharks are culled are when they go into a specific zone and here they see if the sharks will be harmful or not. If they are the certain species (as said above) and over three meters long, they will be culled. This is why I agree. If they culled all sharks, no matter size, I would definitely not agree. But with these guidelines it seems better.

I believe that sharks should be culled to make us feel safer around the water. This isn’t just for swimming, but also if we want to go fishing or go on a boat or something. We can’t just be out on the water KNOWING that a shark’s coming, it should be very rare. The amount of encounters with them these days are coming too common.

Some people say we are invading their environment, so it is our fault they are attacking us. But why are they only coming so close to shore now? It never used to be like this. Culling will bring down the population and stop the number of shark attacks and number of sharks coming close range.

The only reason this has been introduced is to make us feel safer in the water. We are not doing this to reduce numbers by thousands, and this will NOT affect fish populatuion or anything like that. It is just to make us safe and that is why I agree with this argument.

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