What if Don Bradman Played Twenty20 Cricket?

We all know that Sir Donald Bradman was a great test cricketer, but how well would he have played in the modern style of T20? How well would he play with the fast pace type? Today we find out. The teams are 2009 t20 champs Pakistan vs Australia 1930 test side.

AG Fairfax faces up and provides well, collecting a six and boundary to his name, with twelve coming off the over? Donald Bradman comes to face his first ball. The Don doesn’t play too much, just a two and a couple of singles. We know that Sir Donald Bradman is a patient player, so we need to see if he can come out of his comfort zone a bit and play it more.

Again we have a patient over from the Don, just five from it, 4 from Bradman. A boundary and that’s all we have from Don the next over. Pakistan seem to have full control, but you never know in twenty20’s. Next over there is a single from Fairfax and then consecutive fours from the Don. A firm punch off the back foot, and then a beautiful pull shot off a shorter ball. The first spell finishes, and after 8 overs we are 56/0. Only 6.2 runs per over, which isn’t very good.

And then an over into the next spell, AG Fairfax is bowled on his off stump. I don’t really have much to say about this wicket, I just reckon now the Don has gotta get going if they stand a chance in this game.

Ponsford comes to bat, and only 3 runs off the over. Very worrying for the 1930 Aussies. And then again, only 3 runs. But the next 2 overs are MASSIVE. Making up for some lost runs, Ponsford hits 12 off one over, then a six again off the next. Sir Donald Bradman gets a four to cap off a great couple of overs, 27 from them combined.

And then it has happened. Just as Bradman has gotten going, he takes a dance down the pitch and is stumped. Unfortunate results for the Don, making 46 off 53 balls. He hit 6 fours and 1 six. That now brings us to the end of our simulation. After the results we will see how well Bradman has done playing t20 cricket.

Australia do TERRIBLY. 135/2, Ponsford making 40 runs as one of the only highs. Just the way Pakistan kept their run rate down was incredible.

I don’t how Australia have done it. I really don’t. maybe it was the way they bowl in tests helped keep down the run rate or something like that. Australia have just kept Pakistan down to 95/3. LESS THAN ONE HUNDRED. It’s incredible. They have beaten the 2009 t20 champs at their own game.

But now we must conclude on Donald Bradman. He provided well in the end. He had a solid 46 off 53, which is a bit slow in t20, but a great score nonetheless. I reckon he played very well in the end, but just not getting used to the pace of the game may have put his team in strife if it wasn’t for some legendary bowling.


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