The first draft pick was Jacob Weitering picked by Carlton. But what if Carlton had picked 3rd draft pick and rising star Callum Mills?

Callum Mills 2016 stats:

Played in all 22 games.

Averaged an incredible 10 kicks and 8 handballs for a total of 18 disposals.

He also averaged almost 5 marks a game 1 of those is contested which means he can spread across to find an openings but also get up for a contested grab. Strong midefielder.

2 tackles a game

An incredible 6 contested possesions and 12 uncontested which is just great for a rookie.

He also averaged a couple of 1% a game.

Unlucky to miss out on finals series because of injury but that would never happen if he went to Carlton or would it, would they make finals?


Jacob Weitering missed 2 games because of injury and was a great tall defender but I don’t think he influenced much on Carlton. Now Bryce Gibbs is also looking to LEAVE Carlton Blues but maybe if he got some support from a strong midfielder like Callum Mills things could be different.


Jacob Weitering Stats:

8 kicks and 6 handballs, only average but I’ll give him some credit as a defender. Outstanding 5 marks a game just like Mills but could only lay a tackle a game.

He only had 4 Bounce Outs.

He even had just the 1 contested mark and for a defender, even a rookie, that’s not that good, but he did get the 4 contested possesions which is actually quite good. Sydney have great facilities and they could really help Jacob’s marking ability. Then he could be a great 3rd man up helping out Rampe Aliir and Grundy, I can even see him getting as good as Easton Wood.

This will be just as good for Sydney as it will for Carlton. Sydney already have plenty of fast and hard-going midfielders:

Dan Hannerberry

Josh Kennedy

Isaac Heeney

Tom Mitchell

Luke Parker

Kieran Jack


So giving Mills away won’t be a massive change. Whilst Carlton only have Bryce Gibbs, Marc Murphy and young player Patrick Cripps (which Mills would be great for a duo, like Mitchell and Hodge and Dangerwood.)

And if Gibbs left there’d only be two strong mids. Carlton already have strong and experienced defenders too, like Kade Simpson and Zac Touhy, Dylan Buckley who is also a great young player, and seems to influence the game more than Weitering.

With Carlton having that little bit extra in the midfield that could change their game for the better. So what do you think about this? Would Callum Mills help Carlton any more than Jacob Weitering did?


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