Modern Day Australia Cricket vs Old Era Australia Cricket – WHO IS BETTER?

Modern Day Australia Cricket vs Olden Day Australia Cricket – WHO IS BETTER?

In this simulation I will have a look at whether 1877 CA XI is better than 2009 CA XI or vice versa. What era is best?

It’s starts off with a pretty calm over, just a nice sweep to finish off the over. Then after a patient start Ricky Ponting decides enough is enough and has a massive over, hitting eleven from it.

And as I’m saying that, the next over he is gone for 19, lbw. Not a very good start, considering it’s a batting pitch. A great start from the Old Era. Michael Hussey is batting very patiently, just the 2 off 15. And then it’s happened again, Hughes gone for a duck. Oh dear, the Modern Era not looking in touch at the moment. At this rate, we could see a very low score from the Modern XI, because a few overs later ANOTHER wicket falls, Matthew Hayden out for just one. Batting pitch, yeah right. A very strong start from Clarke brings a solid start for this partnership. Let’s hope he doesn’t go out. Hussey still struggling to get going, just 12 from 38. At lunch we have a very bad start from the Modern Era CA, 66/3. Partnership is building up now, thirty-three now. Let’s hope it continues.

And it does. After eight overs they work up another twenty runs. The run rate is still very low, but no wickets lost is a great sign. Hussey still going slow but Clarke playing strong now will help those runs carry on.

About maybe 10 overs later Australia 2009 up the intensity and Clarke makes his fifty, with Hussey not too far behind. This partnership could be a game winner. We now reach Tea on day 1 and Michael Clarke is storming ahead on 75, and in the final over Hussey reaches his fifty, fifty-four to be precise. The Modern team have gotten themselves back in it now, this partnership blooming. It is 155/3, partnership of 122. Batting pitch showing itself now:)

Is this the session for Mr Cricket? He finds his groove in the evening, already twenty runs in about eighteen balls, catching up to Clarke again.

THAT’S IT! Huss has worked his way up so hard, facing 217 balls and now he finally gets to raise his bat up high. An incredible innings from Mr Cricket, and Clarke going to follow, now in the 90’s. And… never mind.

98 runs!!! Michael Clarke about to follow up the century from Mr Cricket and the 200 run partnership and he goes out for 98. Oh he must feel like $#!^. It was a stunning catch though, diving towards it. It was a partnership needed breaking, but it is too late?

Soon Gilchrist falls for 22 off 21 but a good effort to keep up the runs. And then two overs later, the man himself falls. Hussey puts up 120 runs off 240. Slow, yes, but it gives the Modern Era a chance. A chance they had little of at the start.

The Olden Era fighting back late today, three wickets in quick succession.

Stumps on day 1:

Modern Era CA XI 314/6.

TP Horan has two wickets, Olden Era CA XI has a well spread area of wickets, batsman got to look out for every bowler.

On the 2nd day Phil Jaques makes a nice 50 to steer 2009 Australia in a very good positon. A handy wicket from 1877 Australia knocking down Katich who was getting going on 33. Mitch Johnson starts well but as a bowler, goes out quick. Next it is Brett Lee, out on 5. It is 390/9 when we’re 6 overs from lunch. At lunch on Day 2 2009 Australia still are in, and probably would like to stay another few overs or so. At the 36th over the Modern Era declare at 415/9. Will it be enough to defeat the Old Era? Leave a like and comment if you want their innings next. Here is the scorecard:

Batsman Runs Balls S/R
R Ponting 19 19 100
M Hussey 120 240 50
P Hughes 0 3 0
M Hayden 1 15 6.67
M Clarke 98 195 50.26
A Gilchrist 22 21 104.76
P Jaques 73 (n.o) 128 57.03
S Katich 33 68 48.53
M Johnson 9 8 112.50
B Lee 5 6 83.33
P Siddle 18 (n.o) 39 46.15


Extras: (b 1, lb 7, w 0, nb 9)
Fall of Wickets: 1-20 (Ricky Ponting), 2-25 (Phillip Hughes), 3-33 (Matthew Hayden), 4-236 (Michael Clarke), 5-270 (Adam Gilchrist), 6-270 (Michael Hussey), 7-366 (Simon Katich), 8-375 (Mitch Johnson), 9-385 (Brett Lee)


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