Steve Smith vs David Warner | Comparison | Who Is Better?

These players are both great cricketers in all different forms. I am going to have a look at now who is the better player? The skipper or the basher?

I will have a look at their  international stats including, centuries, international averages and consistency for all different forms. I will then put them together and see who is better.

Steve Smith has hit 16 test centuries, same with David Warner. In One Day Internationals Smith has hit seven and David has hit 11, including his seven in the one calendar year. This puts David Warner in front at the moment as neither have made a T20I century, both of their high scores 90.

When we look at the averages, Steve Smith international aves is 58.49 in Test, ODIs he has 42.98 and for T20I his average is 21.55. David Warner’s averages is 47.58 for tests, ODIs 43.12 and 28.10 for T20I. Since Australia’s Tests are more important and we focus mainly on them, I believe Smith has the advantage on this end.

So the final thing we look at is consistency. This is basically my opinion so you don’t have to agree. But I think that Steve Smith is more consistent. He is usually getting around the forties to a century, and on a bad day he can still put up twenty or so. Though David Warner can provide lots of centuries, the next game he is only scoring ten. So that gives me my decision that, even if Warner’s more entertaining, Steve Smith is the better cricketer.

PS Sorry for not uploading lately, got a couple planned for more consistent uploads. 🙂

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