DEBUT GAME & WICKET? | Club Cricket #1

So my team doesn’t play over the summer holidays and I haven’t gotten DBC 17 yet, so I can’t show you how I’m doing on that, so I am going to recap the first few games of my cricket season. Here is game number 1.

After getting the registration forms done, I had finally signed up for some local cricket. Today was my debut game and I didn’t really have anything in mind other than to have some fun. This game was a two-dayer, as all my games are.

Straight off the bat, I realized my team was very competitive. Always calling out silly things like: ‘Shaking like bacon’, or ‘got more dots than an Aboriginals painting!’ It quite funny to be honest. As I hadn’t been seen in the nets by my coach just yet, I bowled in the 2oth and 22nd over of the 25 over inning. It was quite good to be honest with you, no boundaries, just a single or two. Then I came back to bowl again and the same thing happened. The last ball though I was just hoping for a wicket. I was bowling over the stumps, aiming around off, hopefully to get an edge to the keeper. And it happened. A faint edge and slips, keeper appealed. I then turned around knowing there must’ve been some wood and the rest of the team gave a little shout to. But it was turned down by the ump, and I had to go back with no wicket, but 0/5 off 2 overs.

The next week when we played our second inning nothing much happened. I didn’t need to bat and we ended up losing.


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