Melbourne Pacers #5 | Review after 2 rounds

After another big loss to AhnafD Is Wright the Melbourne Pacers find ourselves in a tough position. Some poor efforts from some I thought were stars means we are now 6th. Right now our record is 0-2, but there is light upon us. Some players I would like to trade are worth a lot so I could replace them with a high quality player. Also we made a big improvement over last week too. The team I just faced, AhnafD Is Wright, is at the top of the table, followed by the Perth Memer’s. GOAT’s, Fairless Masud and Deja Blue are from 3-5th. I am in 6th and Octopus Gripz and THUNDER STRUCK are in the last two spots. On how my team is going, I’d say this is the right spot for me. My prediction now for the season is that we will be able to climb up. I believe we can make it to 4th position, but a top 2 position would be nice. I think AhnafD is Wright will be first after scoring over a thousand points each week so far. I will be trading away Stuart Broad after some poor performances for Sunil Narine who has started well for the Renegades. Sunil Narine is an all-rounder which will get me some points.

Looking forward to a great 2017!



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