Before I start, this is just my opinion, so it might be different to yours. If you have a different or similar opinion to mine, leave a comment down below. Also, I’m saying this as a young kid, so I’m not an adult who wants to go back to the good old days. So as you see by the title, I believe T20 matches are ruining the game of cricket we used to know. Now I’m not saying that I don’t like the format of a T20 match, I actually think it’s really good to watch, because it doesn’t take forever to get some action going. I just don’t like what we’ve ADDED to cricket.

For example, in 2012-13 or the BBL|02, an average of only 14,831 spectators attended. This, for some, was not enough. So over the years we’ve taken away almost as much as we can from the sport and replaced it with fireworks, loudspeakers, prize money for crowd catches etc. The GABBA have even installed a POOL. In my opinion, things are getting way out of hand. We are only getting attendance records of almost 30,000 now because of the entertainment. Not to watch a game of cricket and see Mitchell Johnson bowl over all three stumps, but to get in a damn pool. Not only is this affecting the Big Bash League and other T20 leagues, but also it has come to the point where we are now changing Test cricket.

I do not understand why we had to make the pink-ball tests, or day-night tests. Apparently Test cricket is boring now, so we go off and design a pink ball and proclaim we can play Tests at night, and that’ll make it better? Did I mention we are still getting fireworks and loudspeakers? Why do we have to add all of this, to possibly save cricket? Is it that bad having us go to a cricket game where you have to watch the cricket? Isn’t that the point? You go to a cricket game to watch cricket. It is as simple as that. I remember watching the man of the match ceremony after Australia finally beat South Africa. The amount of people that stayed for it, let alone the night session was crazy. And I’m not saying crazy as in, lots of people, I mean there was practically fifty people there! Like come on ICC, I thought this was helping the game!

Some people say that we have to accept change and this is how it is in the modern days of cricket. Some people say that this will revolutionize the game and SAVE cricket. To be honest with you, this is making matters worse for cricket! Yes attendance is rising but how many people there are actually paying attention to the game?  And hey, I am accepting change, or at least I have tried. I’ve tried to embrace the new way of T20’s and cricket in general. But a day-night Ashes test? You’re kidding me.


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2 thoughts on “OPINION: WHY T20’s are RUINING CRICKET!

  1. Short sighted administrators after the dollar today at the games expense tomorrow. If someone like Giles Clarke can reach the top in England, like minded crooked types can do likewise in your neck of the woods and India. Hey presto the ICC carve up. True cricket fans need to turn their backs on international cricket and support grass roots. Perhaps then, when three tory toffs and a dog are turning up at Lords to watch England someone might realise the damage Clarke and his ilk are doing before it’s too late.
    Nice piece FK. The hope for the future lies in the likes of you 🙂

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