DEBUT for Wangaratta | Paddy Spin Career DBC17 #1

Today I make my debut for Wangaratta. I have designed a 196cm bloke named Paddy Spin who is an all-rounder. I make my club debut against Camberwell. In my first inning as a fielder I was not chosen to bowl I bat at 3rd and we are poorly at 1/6 when I am up. I smash one for 3, then next ball find myself diving back at the crease, run out for 3. Not the way I would’ve thought to start my career, but I’m happy with how I played. We end up winning by 5 wickets.

Next game we face Melbourne. Let’s hope I can prove my worth for this team. I have a great first over, just 4 from it. Off the next over I bowl only five from it. A really good bowling start for me. A pretty expensive 3rd over, nine from it. Then, third ball in fourth over they hit it up and I take a catch! Caught and bowled, great wicket. The danger man gone too. Then next ball, some out swing gets an edge and I’m on a hat-trick! Though it’s a dot next ball, this really is good signs for Paddy Spin. Now it’s time to bat.

We are 1/90 when I arrive in, much better than last time. I get a quick two, then a single. Soon I’m caught for eight. Hasn’t been a pleasant batting start, but bowling is positive. We win by 3 wickets.

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