GAME SAVING OVER? | Paddy Spin Career Mode #2

Welcome to episode number two. We face Wodonga today and hopefully we can lift our batting performance.


We start off with a boundary, first shot. And then we’re out. Great.

When I bowl now, it is a maiden. My bowling is very promising. Next over I am punished for my bad bowling – twelve from it. With five overs left, they only require 25. If I keep this over down to just one or two runs I could save our team. Two dot balls later, the slower ball bowls him and we stand a chance. Good on ya Paddy! The last two balls are runs, so they need 19 off 24.

When I bowl again they need 7 runs off 18 balls. Oh dear. A dot. An inside edge to the keeper. A much needed wicket. Next ball, inside edge, again. Another wicket. We’re back in it boys! Then there is a single. Then some idiot from my team over power’s the throw and it’s four runs over-throws. Off 2 overs they need 3 runs. It’s game over. Wodonga win by 3 wickets. But our effort to save our team gets us man of the match. (BTW Paddy Spin is not what I look like in real life, because I’m only 12.) 🙂 WIN_20170106_21_25_50_Pro.jpgAbove: Paddy Spin


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