All-Star Cricket Game?

This blog is sort of a follow up from OPINION: WHY T20’s are RUINING CRICKET! In the NBA (basketball) and MLB (baseball), there is an All-Star match. If the ICC really want more attendance and entertainment, why bother wasting your profits towards fireworks and extra unwanted entertainment, and use it to create a All-Star Cricket game? This can be international or just based on domestic leagues like the Big Bash. The idea is this:

Online you can vote on a poll for you would like to be in the All-Star game. You can choose a batsman, a bowler and  a wicket keeper. It will select the 10 most voted batsman and 10 most voted bowlers and the two most voted wicket keepers. It will be divided like this – most selected batsman, team 1, 2nd most selected batsman, team 2. It will keep going back and forth and same with the bowlers, but opposite way around. Most voted bowler, team 2 etc.

The teams play three games over five days – All-Star week. For example, if it is domestic, it could be played at the MCG, SCG, and Adelaide Oval. Or if it was international, it could just be one night – just at Lord’s and then the next year, it comes to Australia.

This is just an idea that could bring fans from all around the world to watch an entertaining game of cricket. No need for those fireworks now ICC. Please leave a like if you want more of this content and comment your opinion down below.


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