TRADITIONAL SHOTS | Paddy Spin Career Mode #4

Welcome back to another Career Mode episode on Don Bradman Cricket 17. I now know how to play shots along the ground now, so hopefully I can produce a handy knock. I come in at 1/11, and start off with a nice two. There is a shout for LBW next ball, but it is going down leg. Next ball is punched away for four, a traditional drive. Another three runs off the end of the over and we are already on nine. We collect a couple of quick singles and then crunch one straight down the ground for four at the end of the over. We find the gap next over, another two boundaries to our name, helping Wangaratta keep up a superb run rate. We get some quick singles, and make our best score of 25, still going strong. But some great bowling by the spinner gets us stumped for 29. A great inning though from us, really would’ve helped our team.

A start excellently with my bowling, with a wicket in the first over. We found a small edge and straight through to the keeper with some beautiful in swing. Just three from our first over. Pretty average 2nd over just 6 from it. Though there isn’t time for another over as we are easily beaten with two overs to spare. We played very well though, so good signs.win_20170110_16_00_39_pro


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