This Team is RUBBISH | Paddy Spin Career Mode #5 DBC17

Fourth-placed Wangaratta face Wodonga and our favourite man Paddy Spin will hopefully lift his team once again.

We can’t find the gap, so we are forced to take singles to start off. We collect a three next over, then we smash one up in the air and we are caught for 6. Let’s hope we do well bowling wise.

We start absolutely shocking, three no-balls in one over! We improve our line and in-swing yorker knocks over the wickets! Though we had the wicket, it was quite expensive. A really tidy over. Unfortunately, we lose again, with just under FIVE OVERS to spare. Terrible from Wangaratta, now dropping to 5th. Paddy Spin needs to find the runs if he wants to help his team get over the line, and keep the overs tidy. It seems if Spin doesn’t play well, neither will his team.

Next match we face Echuca. I have a bowl pretty early in this match, only five overs in. Really expensive over, 10 from it. I don’t bowl again. Echuca are 5/154, a big target set for us. We’ll need to perform well – again.

I get two quick singles off my first couple of balls. Our team run rate is going very slowly, I think it’s time to pick up the pace. We get a few doubles and a single next over. Then we smash one for four, great drive. We then find a edge to the keeper, out for 14. We easily lose this one, by 23 runs.

The ladder after 11 games. WIN_20170111_16_28_12_Pro.jpg


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