MAIDEN 50 | Paddy Spin Career Mode #6 DBC17

Today we have a tough match ahead of us, facing 2nd place Box Hill. It’s a golden duck first ball, so I’m already in. I get a couple of doubles, and a three and a single. A nice start from Paddy. Next over we make a quick single, and so does my partner. I then go through the covers for a boundary. I go down the ground again and get another four. I’ve started very well. I then play one on the offside and I RUN four more. At the end of the over I stick with a single to keep the strike. I’m already on 22. The next over I whip a short one and get yet another boundary. The next ball is cut for a single. My partner hits a single and I hit a three, making my high-score of 30, and only off 12 balls. The next over against the spinner, I play and miss, then get a quick single. I am able to get another single off the over. The next over I only face one ball, which is another single. Spin just working his way up now. An over later, they bring back in the pace bowler and I smash him down the ground for four. That brings up our fifty run partnership, 53 off 30 balls. I go down the same path again, another four.  Now on 41. This time I find the gap but don’t have enough bat on it, but still run three. Next over I only face the one ball off the spinner, which is just a single. Next ball I hook it round for four. We are on 49 now. We rush for a single and there it is. A well deserved fifty for Paddy Spin!win_20170112_13_43_24_pro


We face the final ball, an play and miss. Against the spinner we get a quick single, again. Against the spinner the over after, we collect a two and a brilliant drive for four. We then get a single. We edge it onto our pad next time we face, a big shout for LB but no wicket. We get another single. Another single against the leg spinner, and another. Next over another, and two dots. We get another single against the new pace bowler. Then we have a sensational drive, but excellent fielding cuts it off for only three. We somehow find the gap and run four. Then we collect a single and a two doubles. We are now on 76! We then drive one down the ground for another two. Some slow running only provides a single next. We are eighteen overs, so I don’t suspect a century for us. We hook one for two, then some confusion when running gets my partner out, so we are five for 150. We only get two from the over. At the end of the inning we are not out for 81. Give yourself a round of applause Paddy, this is what your team needed. Wangaratta make 5/152.

I come to bowl in the 13th over, and they stand at only 1/102. Unfortunately we bowl a no-ball and our free hit would’ve been LBW. A very expensive over, eleven from it. Box Hill win by seven wickets. This is extremely annoying, we even set up a good target and I played well for my team. My team is just crap. As a consolation prize I get man of the match, with my big effort of 81 n.o. and lasting the whole innings.


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