Why Alastair Cook is the MOST UNDERRATED English Cricketer!


Many people forget the great Alastair Cook when they pick their teams of the year, though he is one of the best players known to England cricket. He has been skipper for seven-eight years. But as he comes into his veteran years, he has slipped under the radar. Today I reveal why Alastair Cook has become one of the most underrated players in current cricket and prove why is a cricket legend.

Let’s have a look at his stats. In his veteran years he is still averaging 46.93 runs an inning for tests and 36.40 per inning for ODIs. For someone nearing their retirement, those numbers are incredible. This includes thirty centuries and fifty-three fifties as well.

Alastair Cook has been one of the greatest captains of England cricket history. He makes a lot successful calls out on the field, and helps his team win lots of matches with his decision making. You can’t say that a captain elected for more than seven years has been unsuccessful right? He is so good, he can be compared to other English captains, like Michael Vaughan and Ian Botham. Actually Alastair Cook’s batting averages is better than Michael Vaughan by a long shot. But if you put up numbers better than an all-time great, why aren’t you classified as a top player?

So this reason is not proving that the skipper is a great player, I’m saying why he’s so underrated. He is underrated because of inconsistency. He is underrated because of too many ducks. Now I couldn’t find how many ducks Cook has had in his time, but to be honest, there has been a lot. I remember in Ashes game in 2013, he went out in the first over for none, and that happened in the next match as well. He made another low score too. But his other innings he scored 50+. This inconsistency is the reason why many doubt Alastair Cook to be a great player. But looking at how he plays is remarkable. And that’s what’s next.

Yes, Chef Cook finds the edge a lot, but that doesn’t take away how much of a skillful player he is with the bat. Telegraph newspaper sports reporter Geoffrey Boycott writes and I quote: Alastair Cook keeps batting very simple. He plays off his legs, off his hip and if the ball is short or wide he square cuts. He only drives the ball through extra cover, mid-on or mid-off when he has runs under his belt and he has been batting for a while.

He protects his stumps, leaves wide balls alone and makes the bowlers bowl into the areas he wants to play. He cuts out the mistakes with mental discipline, patience and concentration. He just keeps going in the same determined way. Put simply, he has a game plan. It is not pretty but it works.

He has a simple game plan that helps him get through his innings. He plays cracking shots when he gets the chance. He leaves the good ones alone, to make sure he protects his wicket. Alastair Cook is so strong in the game of cricket, it’s hard to see how we underrated him in the first place. If you did like this video, please hit that like button and subscribe for more q


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