Should Australia Reintroduce the Death Penalty? (English Essay)

Year after year we are seeing more violent acts and murders. Because of this, I believe now is the time we must reintroduce the death penalty. More needs to be done to protect ourselves from dangerous criminal masterminds that have murdered innocent victims.

Only the worst crimes will deserve the death penalty. These crimes can be too terrible, so we must have ‘an eye for an eye’ situation. These predators can be too dangerous for prison, even a 23-1 high security jail, because they can still find ways to harm their fellow prisoners. It is too risky for the community to keep them alive. There was an incident in America about a man called Sidney Gleason. He killed many people yet the court did not give him a death penalty. He continued to kill his inmates even in the BEST prison in AMERICA. Something that is also such a horrendous crime and is damaging the community is terrorism. Federal Senator Jaqui Lambie has spoken out about reintroducing the death penalty. She says it will fix our problem with terrorism and I quote “If politicians have got any smarts when it comes to terrorism, they will support my call.” Terrorism is a huge problem right now, and I know now is the time to come to these measures to keep us safe. Thousands have been killed from these attacks, the terrorists do not deserve to live.

Introducing the death penalty will not only remove treacherous predators from our lives but could also deter people from being so violent. If we put this penalty in place, they will think twice about what they’re going to do. But what about the prisoners who have also committed past crimes? They to will have their crime chances dampened after being released, knowing the fact they too could be executed. The cost of keeping perilous murderers is $31,286 so being able to kill them can help save money and keep people safe.

Some people say that there is no ‘humane’ way to kill in an execution and that’s a problem, even the lethal injection. But after the serious crime they’ve done, does it really have to be ‘humane’? For example, the Bourke St massacre that happened early 2017. He killed so many people on a rampage including a baby and 10 year old girl. Doesn’t this enrage you? You can’t just go around killing others and then all you get is a life in prison, where you can still find ways to murder someone.

So to summarize, year after year we are seeing more and more violent acts and murders. Dangerous crimes will deserve the death penalty and this will protect the community, because we will have what happened with Sidney Gleason. Introducing the death penalty could halt terrorism in Australia and will deter others and past criminals from committing evil. And finally, the death penalty doesn’t have to be ‘humane’ because what they have committed is just too treacherous for the execution to be humane. From what I’ve learnt, if we have the death penalty, us humans will be in a safer environment.




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