Brian Lara vs Sachin Tendulkar: Who is the Better Cricketer?

Brian Lara is an unbelievable batsman who has the highest score in international test cricket. Sachin Tendulkar is as great as well, being the most consistent Indian cricketer there ever was. Today, in my second comparison video (1st comparison: Steve Smith vs David Warner | Comparison | Who Is Better?) I will have a look at their  international stats including, centuries, international averages and consistency for all different forms. I will then put them together and see who is better.

Firstly, i won’t compare them in T20’s because that form didnt come out till late in the career of Lara’s. Brian Lara made a superior 34 centuries in his tests against Sachin Tendulkar who made 51! In the ODI style Brian Lara made a neat 19, while Tendulkar blew that stat out of the park with 49 hundreds! Are you kidding me? Tendulkar has definitely won that category. If we take a look at fifties scored, in tests Lara scored 48 and Tendulkar 68. In One Day Interntionals Brian Lara scored 63 compared to Tendulkar’s 96.

Some people might say this is an unfair stat because of the difference of games played. But when I went back and checked their stats at the 100 game mark, in both formats, Tendulkar was still better.

Now we have a look at consistency. And as I was talking about with the number of games played, the winner of this stat is again Tendulkar. He played a massive total of 663 games to Lara’s 430.  If Sachin played over 200 games more than Brian, then by a fair margin, Tendulkar is more consistent. The most worshiped batsman in the world has overcome run-scoring machine Brian Lara to win this comparison. If Don Bradman is considered the best batsman in the world, then Tendulkar will be second. Maybe that’s our next comparison.

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