Will Steve O’Keefe keep up his recent form?

Steve O’Keefe had an outstanding performance against India in Pune, his best bowling of 12/70. Darren Lehman has compared it to Mitchell Johnson’s performance in the Ashes. But can O’Keefe keep up his form and prove himself in the next tests or was it a fluke?

Steve O’Keefe looked to be ‘past his prime’ at 32-years-old before being called up for the India tests. His first international test game was in 2014, and even then he was pretty old for his debut. He’s had a fairly good bowling average in tests of 20.34 Some people might say that he’s good because he has gotten 26 wickets in five matches; about 5 a game. But if we take away his latest 12 wicket haul, then he has only gotten 14 wickets in four games which comes at around three wickets a game. This is great for a spinner, so right now he does seem to be in form. But what Steve O’Keefe is lacking is selection.

See, over the three years O’Keefe has been playing international test cricket he has only been selected for a game five times. So even though he has some remarkable averages, why hasn’t he been selected? I believe this is because he can only bowl well on pitches that turn a lot. Maybe he can collect a wicket here and there on a even pitch, but that’s a reason why I don’t think he can keep up his form returning from the tour.

Lastly, he is still inexperienced As I mentioned, he hasn’t played a heap of international cricket and is probably still getting used to the high level that is the standard. If you did enjoy this, leave a like, and make sure to comment who you think will win the series between India and Australia and your opinion on this.


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