Paddy Spin Career Mode Season 2 | In Charge

Before this week’s match, I have switched around non-facing opener Sanders to third for me to second. We lose and bat. How will I do in this new position? We start strong, 8 off four and then we’re out. Disappointing.

In our bowling we start badly, but collect a wicket in our first over. I tried my best again but the opposing team won easily by four wickets.

On to the next one. We won the toss, chose to bat and first ball I hit five! That’s right, we RAN five. And then we’re out for seven. grrrrrrr.

Our bowling is why our team could be saved. I bowl two great overs. In my second I bowl a fantastic stock ball, hitting the pad right in front of middle. My next over is just dots except the last is a boundary. My next over I get another wicket and now the opponent is going below six runs an over. Paddy you jet! Can we win? No, we lose easily, an over to spare. Such a great effort from the captain though.

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2 thoughts on “Paddy Spin Career Mode Season 2 | In Charge

  1. How do you find the knockout competition after the league season?

    I once topped the table then won a knockout but then lost a knockout against the same team and they got a trophy. The other day I won three knockout matches after the league and won a trophy. Not sure how it works with six teams?


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