Paddy Spin is back after season break, and he is in ripping form. A tough loss to start the season, but a remarkable effort to get 51 in the second match has put us as skipper! This is a step forward for Paddy Spin, to becoming an International player.

In Rd3 we lose our first coin toss. We bowl and my first over is pretty tidy, except with some horrid fielding there is four over throws. My second over is average, seven from it. I have a third which is hit for nine. Now time to bat, our target of 149. I come in, 1/23. And bowled first ball. Inside edge on the stumps. We lose by a fair margin, just a horrible opening captain match for Spin.WIN_20170310_16_44_02_Pro


2 thoughts on “PADDY’S BACK! | SKIPPER

  1. You can do screenshots using the Share button on PS4 or probably something similar if you’re on XboX. It saves you having to scramble to take a photo with camera in one hand and controller in the other. Technically minded people can probably transfer images to blog via USB to PC. I looked into doing some videos like I think you have on YouTube. I’ll have another go at some point.


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